‘Tis More Blessed Giveaway – Pomegranate Stories

Just a note that I’m participating in the ” ‘Tis More Blessed” giveaway sponsored by Milo James Fowler so if you enter you may in a copy of Pomegranate Stories.  I haven’t actually figured out how this works!!!  I think it has to do with a helicopter but I don’t know how to set it up this late in the game. Sooooooooooo…. If you enter and want my book and can’t figure out how to do it through the helicopter thing, just put your name in the comments section and I will have a drawing on the 20th.

My brain is like the rotor of a helicopter at full speed right now and I’ve got people yakking at me as I type this so please please please put your name down below and I will send the winner a copy of Pomegranate and if over ten people  enter, I will select a second winner, and if over thirty people enter, I will select a third winner.  So enter enter enter.  And as I bonus I will choose one winner (a fourth winner) to receive my new suspense novel, What Came Before, in February.

16 thoughts on “‘Tis More Blessed Giveaway – Pomegranate Stories

  1. Anonymous

    Milo Fowler — thanks for joining the #Tismoreblessed throng, Gay! Looking forward to your book, fellow Every Day Novelist.


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