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200 NIGHTS at Corium Magazine – “The oaks darkened to mocha as evening deepened. Mud and water, marsh grass, the rich earthy scent …”

6 A.M. at Emprise Review – (Not available online, but in print in Rattle of Want)

A BASIC TRUTH ABOUT ALL GIRLS at 50 to 1 – (No longer available online)

A LITTLE SOMETHING AT THE DOOR at FIVE:2:ONE – “Mrs. Franklin, a woman in her late nineties, with beige hair that can only be produced from a box of cheap hair-dye …”

ABBREVIATED GLOSSARY at Melusine – “I slide my naked leg between his thighs …”

ACADIA LOST at Fictive Dream – “Summer evenings, while the grown-ups smoked Kents and shuffled cards in the kitchen, Denny Dale and I played Superman and Supergirl …”

ADULT EDUCATION at Jellyfish Review“Coming into the classroom, Barb sees him at the snack table, plate bending under cupcakes…”

ADVENT at Sonora Review – (No archives available)

AMBER TRESSES TIED IN BLUE at Blink|Ink – (No longer available online)

AMOK at The Molotov Cocktail – “Sheila crouches behind discarded chimney bricks …”

ANCIENT MEMORY at Emprise Review – (No longer available online)

APPENDAGES at Atticus Review – “A man born with no arms and no legs, all torso and head, and one two-toed foot, jumped …”

BEFORE SHE LEFT at 50 to 1 – “The clouds’ ominous umbrella darkened emerald hills …”

BEYOND THE CURVE at Women on Writing – “Three months after Allen Winter’s bicycle became a tangle of aluminum along Huntington Drive …”

BLANKETS at Spelk – “He sits in the cab of the snow-cat every night where there is no sky when it storms, nothing but snow everywhere …”

BLUSTER-FUCK at Pure Slush – “Your best friend, Layla, thinks the fresh scent of pine needles will do you a world of good …”

BODY-SNATCHING at LITnIMAGE – (Not available online, but in print in Rattle of Want)

BRANDED at Dime Show Review – “Chrissie waited. She was bored, she was tired, she was busy trying to put herself into another time …

BROKE AND BROKEN at 50 to 1 – “One hundred insipid grins from one hundred Cabbage Patch dolls mocked her.”

BROTHERLY LOVE at Literary Orphans – “Ally piled the lunch dishes into the rusty drainer, toweled off her hands, and slathered lotion…”

CALL GIRLS at Yellow Mama – “At Thirsty Liquors, I flapped eyelashes at the belly-heavy man behind the counter, handing over money for bottles of Sassy Bitch pinot …”

CAR BOUND at Gravel – “My parents took turns driving our Ford Fairlane, so old, it was held together by my mother’s clicking rosaries …”

CHALK DUST at Night Train Magazine – (No longer available online, but in print in Rattle of Want)

CLOSED DOWN at 50 to 1– (No longer available online)

COMPLICIT at Smokelong Quarterly – “The front door slams. Walls shake. A vase of tasseled wheat slides through my hands …”

CORDS at Smokelong Quarterly – “My suitcase, a torn and broken two-wheeler held together with bungee cords, rolls between car and curb …”

COVALENCE at The Airgonaut – “Jennifer, ‘Jen,’ as she preferred to be called, used to meet her neighbor, Howard, in Rocketship Park …”

CROSSING THE MEADOW at Lost Balloon – “They ate no-peek chicken, drank fresh cow’s milk, savored squares of cherry cobbler before taking …”

DANI-GIRL’S GUIDE TO GETTING EVERYTHING  RIGHT at Flash Fiction Online – “The minute the nose of my Honda Civic points north on the 5 …”

DEVIL IN THE DELI  at Degenerate Literature – “She’s rather outspoken,” Granny muttered. We were sitting at a deli next door to Wal-Mart …”

DOING MR. VELVET at The Battered Suitcase – (No longer available online, but in print in Rattle of Want)

DOPPLER EFFECT at FIVE:2:ONE – “Wherever we go out together, people ask if we’re sisters, sometimes twins. We look alike, Katharine and I …”

DOWN BAYOU BLACK at 10Flash Quarterly – (No longer available online)

EYE FOR AN EYE at Right Hand Pointing – “An F-150 pickup—three laughing girls crowding the front seat—knocked Jackie Dolan’s mutt Boneyard into heaven …”

FARMER’S ALMANAC at Visual  Verse – “House like a church. Dour. Ribbed. Centered between these two corn-fed Iowans…”

FIREBUG at Flash Flood Journal – “He comes home smelling of cold coffee, smoke, and ash. I roll over, and through slitted eyes, study the exaltation …”

FLASH FLOOD at Every Day Fiction – “I flick on the TV to watch a rerun of “Without a Trace” and some news guy — the geeky, stand-up kind who gets the sidebar gig …”

FULL COLD MOON at 100 Word Story – “They bear witness, the girl and the supermoon, pinned to different worlds. She studies the ocean …”

FURY at Fewer than 500 – “Little brother Trev died at the clinic. Mom sprawled over his still-warm body. I know who did it.”

GUMBO at JMWW – (No longer available online, but in print in Rattle of Want)

HEADING TO PERDITION at 10Flash Quarterly – (No longer available online)

HEARTLAND at 50 to 1 – “She escaped to Iowa thinking corn, pigs, and a football hero. She scored a double-wide in the weeds …”

ISLA VISTA, 1970 at Foundling Review – “You won, you won, you won, you fascist!”

JUICE PIPS at FIVE:2:ONE – “The illegitimate children of O.J. Simpson arrive at Nica’s modest bungalow …”

HUNGER at Visual Verse – “He swallowed her whole, one gulp. She slithered down his gullet, settled in his stomach …”

KINDLING at Prime Number (issue 37.3) – “Packs of Kents were wedged between the windshield and dash of the Plymouth …”

LAST FOUR SONGS at Pure Slush – “Morning light bends through leaded glass. Patterns form and reform on sky-colored walls. Frances wakes. She’s dreamt of dew …”

LAST REAL HUMAN BEING IN HOLLYWOOD at Pure Slush – “Selene’s Sunset Boulevard apartment was the two-bedroom on the left, away from the traffic, hidden …”

LISTING LISA at Salt River Review – “The uneven crack that splits the step from solid ground to my back door vibrates in the late afternoon …”

LOCOMOTION at Anomaly (Drunken Boat) – “As the 7:05 rattles behind our trailer park, the cuckoo pops from his wooden house …”

LOSING GROUND at Tattoo Highway – “It began with hands. Doesn’t it always?
Fingers lightly brushing wrists. Thumbs in palms. Remove …”

MADELINE IN HER COFFIN at Referential Magazine – (No longer available online)

MONO LAKE at The Airgonaut – “Maya leaves the motel in bedroom slippers, her puffy coat tight around her. Across the empty highway, the rising sun …”

MONSOONER OR LATER at Nail Polish Stories 9/13 – “A stranger comes to you in dreams so you dress in white and go to the Chor Bazaar …”

NELL ON THE NICKEL at Perspectives Magazine – “I’m drowsing on the sidewalk, my back against a cinderblock wall, four legs straight out just like I like ’em …”

NO PECTIN NEEDED at f(r)iction – “The price of gasoline has gone up 200% because of those damn Opec-kers, the Yom Kippur war is raging …”

NO ONE TALKS at Gone Lawn  – “They gobble down dinner, the family of four. There’s plenty of food, no need to hurry. Dad teaches high school …”

ONE QUESTION at Every Day Fiction – “Hank asks me questions I shouldn’t have to answer. Like when I get up to pee at two o’clock in the morning …”

ORANGES at Every Day Fiction – “She’s small, waif-like, this girl/woman who stands by the freeway onramp with her American flag vest …”

QUE SERA at Writers’ Bloc (Rutgers) – (No longer available online)

RAZING IOWA at Fictive Dream – “Pale morning light rims the kitchen faucet. I rub an index finger around its corroded bottom, sip coffee …”

RICHIE’S LAST SHOT at Apocrypha & Abstractions – “A sharp wind whistled under the freeway and ruffled the wiry hair on Richie Bertram’s chin …”

RIM SHOT at 3 A.M. Magazine – “November. 92 degrees. Brush fires gut the Inland Empire, char the Western Valley, suffocate the Southland …”

RUBY at decomP Magazine – “Ruby meanders through murky city streets in ragged jeans and too-small T-shirts, a fur-collared coat loading her down …”

RUNNING THE FENCE at Monkeybicycle – “They met each morning at the corner, Davy and Glen, and Glen’s twin sister, Brenda, who hung around like snot on a runny …”

SEDIMENT at Blue Five Notebook – (scroll down) “The mind is something John doesn’t want to think about. Not his nor anyone else’s …”

SHE CAN’T SAY NO at Paradigm Journal – (No longer available online)

SMALL TOWN at Metazen – (No longer available online, but in print in Rattle of Want)

SOCKS at Metazen – (No longer available online)

SOGGY SANDY at Every Day Fiction – “Although Soggy Sandy earned her nickname in Pre-K because of her tendency to pee her pants, it was the perpetual globule …”


SO IT IS WITH MOTHERS at 50 to 1 – “She hates the ruby ring he gave her, preferring her baubles set with garnets, her pianos upright …”

SOMETHING ABOUT L.A. at Litsnack – “He puts me out of the Benz south of Four Corners. He’s pissed because they’ve closed the monument …”

SPOON-HOLDER at Bartleby Snopes –  “Inside the antique mall, Nora snatches up a hand-sewn quilt in a pattern of ruby hourglass blocks …”

SPRING MELT at Every Day Fiction – “Water drips from icicles outside the kitchen window. Clear skies glisten through dirty glass panes …”


STARKVILLE at Words in Place

STRANGER ON THE PORCH at Every Day Fiction – “It was over 80 degrees in our Hollywood bungalow when my mother opened the door to our …”

THE BREACH at Every Day Fiction – “The sudden hammering on the door jolts him awake. He doesn’t know for sure if it’s dawn or dusk.”


THE CONFESSION at For Every Year – “I lied and told them I was fifteen. I had grown brawny from stealing wheels of cheese from the dairy farm outside my village …”

THE ELLEN SHOW COMES TO VISIT at Blue Fifth Review – “Yes, Ellen, being on TV makes me very uncomfortable, the camera, your crew, YOU, in my house …”

THE LONDON EYE at Every Day Fiction – “Fog creeps over the railing from the river below, up my legs and through the gaps in my jacket.”


THE REAL WAR at Clapboard House – (No longer available online)

THE SCORPION-CHARMER’S DAUGHTER at 10Flash Quarterly – (No longer available online)

THE STRAND at The Airgonaut – “Six on a beach blanket: a crone, a matron, a woman with child, a virgin, a girl, a baby…”

THE WAX MENAGERIE at Peacock Journal – “I slid off the torn seat of my father’s truck, juggling books, two paper bags, grabbing for them, my glasses slipping  …”

THE WAY IT CAN BE at Dogzplot – “Josh fired a blunt, sucked it down, exhaled a borealis of smoke …”

THESE THINGS HAPPEN at Connotation Press (click on Adobe Flash button) – “My father was plowing the cornfield under, getting ready for potatoes …”

TIN STAR TOWN at 10Flash Quarterly – (No longer available online)

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD at Every Day Fiction – “In the luminescent dusk of their subterranean entertainment pod, Jana tells her husband …”

TOOLS OF THE TRADE at Writers’ Bloc (Rutgers) – (No longer available online, but in print in Rattle of Want)

TUMBLING DOWN at Flash Flood – “Someone shadows Merry Church down Chester Street. She’s a chubby girl with witch black hair, white makeup …”

UNSUITED in Suit Anthology (Pure Slush) – “She was the first buyer of women’s suits at Decklers department store. Not pantsuits …”

VICTORY IN EUROPE at Flash Flood – “They walked to the river in bare feet. He wore her brother’s clothes–his uniform on a peg in her upstairs room …”

WAITING FOR GODO(NUT) at Spelk – “Last day of camp, performance day, with every parent and hated older brother in the audience, and I don’t know my lines …”

WHAT’S NEXT at 50 to 1 – “A disciple of Mensa, I make a habit of genius. It’s not easy; I’m not that smart …”

YIELDING at Connotation Press – “Ann touched the dusty lace curtain, frowned at the rips in its gentle web. Beyond the window …”

YOU, HOT GUY at 10Flash Quarterly – “You: man. Hot guy in scruffy beard & flannel shirt, a forty in one hand, a pack of Marlborough’s in the other …” (formerly titled, “Spotted and Sought,” reprinted on this blog.)