Print Publications


Rattle of Want

A Collection of Stories & the Novella, “The Old Road” published by Pure Slush Books, 2015

What Came Before

A suspense novel published by Pure Slush Books, 2015

Pomegranate Stories

A Collection of Eight Stories published by Prometheus Forge


  • “Under a sliver of moon, she sent them into the gully urging them to quiet.”  
    —from “Prayer”  
  • “She’d brought her first editions, and when her kinetic pacing drew him out…” 
    —from “Stephen King”  

Requiem for a Mother-in-Law”

in Blink Ink #14

“Her fourth school in as many grades, first grade in Florida, second, third, and fourth in California, Hawthorne, Lancaster, and now up the mountain in Mammoth, where, if she’d thought of herself as an oddball before, unused to the heat of a high desert summer, she really felt the oddball now.”


in 5 published by Pure Slush 2016

“Between Hay and Grass, 1949”

finalist, 2013 Bosque Fiction Prize. 

“The sons of Joseph Greer wrangled a dozen horses through the open gate as flames crested Hook Mountain. The herd, mostly bays, skittered onto the meadow. Lupine, baneberry, yellow Mexican hat surrendered under hooves. Plumes of smoke tarnished the sky, staining the sun copper. Charley studied the fire near the top of the slope while Luke slid down from the buckskin, and pulling the horse with him, grabbed the wire gate to drag it shut.”

“Jericho Beach” in Nicole Monaghan’s anthology STRIPPED

“Betrayal” in Hint Fiction Anthology, edited by Robert Swartwood

“Wounded Moon” in Short Story America Anthology

“The Nickel” in Crimespree

The Best of Every Day Fiction

“Soggy Sandy” and “Flash Flood” in Every Day Fiction Three

“Stranger on the Porch” and “The London Eye” in  Every Day Fiction Two

“One Question,” “The Breach,” and “Spring Melt”  in Every Day Fiction 2008

“Gravity Island” in Thriller! A Young Adult Anthology, edited by Chris Bartholomew

“Oh Hell” in Little Sisters, Volume One, edited by Loretta Scott Miller

“Leaving Slackerland” in Landmarked for Murder,
edited by Harley Jane Kozak, Nathan Walpow, and Michael Moriarty

“Hawaiian Hairdo” in THEMA

“What’s Left” in Binnacle Magazine‘s Seventh Annual International Ultra-Short Competition

“Monsoon” in Women’s Quality Fiction

out of production; currently available in Rattle of Want (Pure Slush Books, 2015)

“Feet” in Issue 2 of The Newer York

MR. LONELYHEARTS in Summer Anthology (Pure Slush)

He knew this could be a new beginning if he chose it to be. He’d promised himself that he could write something true and sincere if he gave himself time.”

WOUNDED MOON at Short Story America