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Interviews with me…

Interview at The BookCast (audio)
With Bonnie ZoBell at Words in Place (video)
Interview at Flash Fiction Chronicles-UNCOV/rd by Susan Tepper
Interview at Literary Fiction Book Review  (discussing WCB)
Interview at Writers Write (discussing WCB)
Interview at Words in Place (blog tour with Susan Tepper discussing WCB)
Interview at Kathy Fish (discussing WCB)
Interview at Kathy Fish (discussing Writing & The Importance of Community: A Conversation with Gay Degani, Author of Rattle of Want)
Interview at Robert Swartwood (audio)
Interview at Flash Fiction Chronicles (judge of String-of-10 Contest 2014)
Interview (sort of) at literary fictions, flashes, fiascos (advice to new writers of flash)
Interview at Pure Slush (discussing The Old Road novella)
Interview at Fictionaut (discussing “Something about LA”- winner Glass Woman Prize)
Interview at Flash Frontier (discussing flash)
Interview at the short review (discussing Pomegranate Stories)
Interview at the Deccan Herald (Bangalore, India) (discussing flash)
Interview at Sonora Review (discussing flash)
Interview at Six Questions (discussing Flash Fiction Chronicles)
Interview at Type AJ Negative (discussing process)
Interview at 10Flash Quarterly (discussing genre)
Interview at Every Day Fiction  (discussing “One Question”)
Interview at Smokelong Quarterly (discussing “Complicit”)
Interview at Women on Writing (discussing “Beyond the Curve”)
Interview at Writers in Residence (discussing Pomegranate Stories)

Interviews by me…

With Aaron Teel at Flash Fiction Chronicles
With Adam Padgett at Smokelong Quarterly
With Aliya Whitely at Smokelong Quarterly
With Alysha Karabinus at Smokelong Quarterly
With Amy Albracht at Smokelong Quarterly
With Andrea Kneeland at Smokelong Quarterly
With Ashley Inguanta at Smokelong Quarterly
With Bud Smith at Smokelong Quarterly
With Cameron Brindise at Smokelong Quarterly
With Carmel Mawle at Smokelong Quarterly
With Carol Guess and Kelly Magee at Smokelong Quarterly
With Caroline Hall at Flash Fiction Chronicles
With Chris L. Terry at Smokelong Quarterly
With Christopher Allen at Flash Fiction Chronicles
With Christopher James at Smokelong Quarterly
With Curtis Smith at Smokelong Quarterly
With Dan Crawley at Smokelong Quarterly
With Dariel Suarez at Smokelong Quarterly
With Darlin’ Neal  at Flash Fiction Chronicles
With Dave Newman at Smokelong Quarterly
With Dean Tuck at Smokelong Quarterly
With Douglas Campbell at Smokelong Quarterly
With Ethel Rohan at Smokelong Quarterly
With Frances Gonzalez at Smokelong Quarterly
With Jennifer Fierro at Flash Fiction Chronicles
With K.C. Ball at Flash Fiction Chronicles
With Kate Folk at Smokelong Quarterly
With Kathy Fish at Flash Fiction Chronicles (Guest Judge String-of-10)
With Kathy Fish at Flash Fiction Chronicles (Together We Can Bury It)
With Len Joy at Words in Place
With Lindsey Gates Markel at Smokelong Quarterly
With Matthew Brennan at Smokelong Quarterly
With Matthew Dexter at Smokelong Quarterly
With Michael Cooper at Smokelong Quarterly
With Michelle Elvy at Flash Fiction Chronicles
With Pamela Painter at Smokelong Quarterly
With Patty Petelin at Smokelong Quarterly
With Peter Stenson at Smokelong Quarterly
With R. S. Thomas at Smokelong Quarterly
With Robert Swartwood at Flash Fiction Chronicles
With Rosie Forrest at Smokelong Quarterly
With Ryan Werner at Smokelong Quarterly
With Sam Snoek-Brown at Words in Place
With Sarah Hilary at Words in Place
With Sharon Trotter at Flash Fiction Chronicles
With Steve Almond at Smokelong Quarterly
With Sue William Silverman at Words in Place
With Susan Lewis at Words in Place
With Tara Laskowski at A Writer’s Jumble

Articles about Me

Kathy Fish features my segmented flash, “Abbreviated Glossary” at Kathy Fish

Writers and Writerisms by Rumjhum Biswas


Unusual Structures in Flash Fiction  — Comments on the structure of “Abbreviated Glossary” by Sophie Van Llewyn:

(Re)Defining Wor(l)dsWords are the bricks writers use to build their fortresses of fiction. But some bricks may loom larger than others, and the entire construction of a flash fiction may gravitate around just a few words. Stories can be built around definitions.


Articles by Me

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Reviews by Me

Not So Perfect but Maybe Yes by Nik Perring at Flash Fiction Chronicles

 The Heart Crossways by James Claffey: Each Unhappy Family