Serendipitous Flash Fiction Day

I’ve been busy this morning trying to keep up with all that’s out there in the Flash Fiction internet world.  Phew!  A lot is going on.

First up is the December Quarterly issue of Smokelong #42!  And it’s just like opening a great big holiday present!  Authors and stories this time around include Caren Beilin’sPortrait of a Writer I Remember as a Young Masturbator, Craig Buchner’s Masters of Matchsticks, Michael Chaney’s As If a Bestiary Had Wings, Michael Czyzniejewski’s The Meat Sweats, Matthew Dexter’s Preemie, Kate Folk’s Summer of Pinbugs, Rosie Forrest’s Next Rest Stop, Twenty-Two Miles, Brendan Gauthier’s Freckles, Megan Giddings’s Twenty-Five Minute Wait, Jason Jackson’s Queuing, Photographs, Morning Eyes, Alisha Karabinus’s Everything in This House Is Crooked, Rebecca King’s Lot’s Wife, Adam Peterson’s When You Look for Us, I’ll Be Here, Heather Rounds’s If You Find an Infant Squirrel, Peter Schumacher’s Habits, Nicole Simonsen’s How to Write a Hardship Letter, Ashley Strosnider’s The Low Hum of Vegetation, Jacqueline Vogtman’s Whose Voice We Wanted to Hear, and finally Allison Williams’s Śūnyatā.  

My interview with Matthew Dexter is HERE.
My interview with Kate Folk is HERE.
My interview with Rose Forrest is HERE.
My interview with Alisha Karabinus is HERE.

Second up: “Why I Write Flash Fiction” essay up at FFC.  Lastly I have an article up at Flash Fiction Chronicles about why I write flash where I once again call up the reportage of Malcolm Gladwell.  Check it out, leave a comment, share with gazillions. Find the article HERE.

Third: Nonnie Augustine’s book has been selected by Kirkus Reviews as a BEST BOOK OF 2013!!!!  Nonnie’s book isn’t flash, but she’s a flasher nonetheless or should I say, Nonnietheless? Here’s some LINKAGE and here’s what Kirkus has to say:

“Like a well-wrought memoir, this medley of free- and fixed-verse poems combines vivid personal narrative with probing self-reflection…Poetry that often transcends its own bounds, spilling over into readers’ lives and forcing them to confront their own narratives.”

Here’s a sense of her language: “I almost saw Nessie,” “I almost won the jackpot,” and “I almost had a child. / She was there in my womb / until chromosomes killed her. / My God, that would have been something.” Among the losses, though, it “appears gone for good are dramas and bothers, / threats and therapists, drunk, needy lovers. / And…lovely, lovely, lovely is my cat’s furry belly.”

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