HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 and some tidbits you might be interested in!


I’m participating in a writing project with 30 other writers. This is the brainchild of Matt Potter at Pure Slush out of Australia and involves each of us writing a story for one day a month for all the days of 2014.  

I picked the 19th of each month since my birthday is the 19th of March (St. Joseph’s Feast Day and the day the swallows return to Capistrano and now “a very special episode” in 2014 Volume 3). The umbrella title for my twelve stories is “The Old Road,” but each one is a separate piece about people who live in this particular neighborhood on the edge of a small city.  

Matt’s idea is that readers will read each story on the day it is supposed to have occurred as written by the author.  All stories are told in the present tense to enhance the feeling the action is taking place RIGHT NOW.  

Some of the writers are making the experience more interactive.  For example, below you will find a link  to Stephen V. Ramey’s blog,  Ramey Writes, where he intends to discuss each story on the day it is published.  Discussions to ensue!!!  For a taste of Guilie Castillo Oriards work for January 1, “The Miracle of Small Things.” 

I have a Pinterest page where you can find my research and inspiration for the stories I’m writing.  You can find this HERE. Other writers will be doing similar things to make this a fun experience.

To participate, you will need to purchase either the print volume for each month or an ebook. Worth the price to go on this reading adventure. 

If you want to challenge yourself to read the stories, the link to buy the ebook is HERE
For Kindle, go HERE
For print (and these are gorgeous books!), go HERE
For free shipping on print, use this time-limited code: SHIPSHAPE14


I confess I’ve been holiday-hazed. Exact date for What Came Before is unknown (blame the vagaries of my current life), but coming soon, out in time for AWP in Seattle at the end of February, but hopefully on-line sooner.  Camille Gooderham-Campbell and I are busily doing edits and proof-reading the text. I have a Pinterest Board for this too, HERE.

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