StoryADay Worth Every Minute

It’s taken me almost two weeks to get back around to The StoryADay challenge, but here I am.  As can be seen in my previous post, I managed to keep up–more or less–the first couple weeks, and very pleased that I kept to that commitment.  The second half was tougher for various reasons.  Once I got behind, I struggled to get caught up.  After doing several random prompts, I began to feel stressed about them.  They prompted me to write fast and to get words on paper, but what words?  At some point I began to feel as if any more new “starts” were unnecessary and I needed to go back and start searching for meaning in the ones I had.  

Here’s how I finished up:

May 19 Heroine (502)
May 20 Julian Meets Liv (605)
May 21 Wheel of Fortune (704)
May 22 Notes on comfort Zones (760)
May 23 Trap (416)

May 24 Research and rumination on Comfort Zones (500 words)
May 25-28 Worked on Comfort Zones

I’m still working on “Comfort Zones!”  Cannot get it right.  Tried to take bits of it for the Flash Mob 2013 Extravaganza that is going on, but couldn’t get it shaped into anything.  Nice descriptions but what did it mean???  So I started the month off terrific but petered out toward the end.  Not disappointed thought because I have two strong stories to work on that I know I can get into shape and there are at least three more that I might be able to do something with.  That’s success in my book.  So thank you, Julie Duffy at StoryADay for sponsoring this event and thanks to Sue Ann Connaughton who was my “Accountability” partner.  

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