It’s Past the Middle of May and I’m Still at It

I meant to write this post on the 15th of May, the half-way point of Story A Day month, but as it seems to be for me these days, I’ve been running behind.  And I’m still behind, but I’m only a couple of days off.  Here is a list of the work I’ve done, most of them brand spanking new and a couple of stories I’ve had in my file to revise.  
May 1 You Don’t (100)
May 2 Fish Bowl (856)
May 3 Enid (740)
May 4 Wandering by Bus (500)
May 5 Shing (845)
May 6 Julia Roberts (612)
May 7 Snickerdoodled (385)
May 8 Arsenal (450)
May 9 Mono Lake (450)
Mono LakeMay 10 PS serial chap 1 (390)
May 11 PS serial chap 2 (405)
May 12 Folderol (855)
May 13 New Life PS serial chap x  (732)
May 14 Lost in the Woods (1080)
May 15 Blue (244)
May 16 Terminus (788)
May 17 The Cossack Ultimatum  (1536)
May 18  Small Town

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