Summer Workshop!!!!!!!

I’m very lucky. I’m on my way to the Tin House Workshop tomorrow. I’m excited and more than a little ADD. Okay. It’s 11:51 at night. My plane leaves at six am tomorrow. I have to get up at 3:00 am. Clothes are neatly stacked on my bed. Just about everything is BLACK. I have no idea what to put into my suitcase. Will it be cold or hot? I pray for cold. I look so much better in a sweatshirt.

I’m going early so I can finish a couple stories and go to Powells. Maybe lose 5 pounds? Does my hotel have a gym? Then I could buy something that isn’t black and hot and oh, dear. I hope it’s raining.

I just printed up everyone’s piece 11 of them changing them all to garamond 11 pt. single spaced so I can manage to carry my brief case. And what am I doing? FACEBOOK! Well, I was doing FB until they told me this was too long so I moved it on over to my blog.

But what I should be doing is looking for flash drives, extention cords, power cords, cat cords (whatever that’s called), phone cord, my phone, my notebook I put together with my ticket information, and my camera, my camera charger, my ipod, my earphones, my neck pillow, my earplugs–the days of a writer traveling light are long gone–so what I really want to do is go look at the second half of So You Think You can Dance!

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