Writing with Syle Deadline February 5

If any of you remember, I went to Banff in September of last year (yes, last year as in 2009!) and loved it.

It is a one-week program including class time with some of Canada’s best writers. The location is gorgeous, the food delicious, and there is plenty of free writing time. I loved the people there who were sincerely interested in my progress.

Here’s the note I received along with all previous participants that I am posting here for any of you who are interested.:

Hello you Stylistas!

Just a note to say that the deadline for the Spring session of Writing wth
Style is coming up on February 5th. You may be interested in applying, or you
may want to pass this on to your writer friends.

Here is the faculty for Spring Style:

Jan Zwicky–poetry
Mark Abley–creative nonfiction
Pauline Holdstock–historical fiction
Lee Gowan–first chapter novel

Here’s a hotlink for anyone who wants to know more: http://www.banffcentre.ca/programs/program.aspx?id=945.

Happy New Year, and happy writing!

Liz Philips

Director, Writing with Style

The Banff Centre

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