Spotted & Sought up at 10Flash

My story “Spotted & Sought” is up at K. C. Ball’s 10Flash Quarterly this month. If you have time to stop by that would be terrific. Here’s a direct link: Spotted.

Other pieces featured this month include Jodi MacArthur’s “The Sower,” Megan Arkenburg’s “Fugitive 135711400,” DJ Barber’s “Wanderers Two,” and C. L. Holland’s “On the Penitent’s Road.”

Is it time for me to begin listing my new year’s resolutions? Probably, but I’m not up for it tonight. The Ducks lost, UCLA lost, bad times for the Pac 10, but mostly, me? I’m just tired. So I’ll start some of my new year tomorrow and Sunday, but the real beginning will be Monday morning. Back to the routine which I have to admit I like.

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