Lost in the Northern Latitudes


So I haven’t blogged in a while. Wish I could say I finished my book. Hahahaha. But I’m working on it. Working out the 1948 plot. Actually thought it was in good shape and yes, structure-wise it is but as for the language…well, got a way to go. But today has been a good day getting back into it after spending two and a half days in Quebec with my son.


Okay so I know absolutely know no French other than firme le bouche (sp? My apologies) But I can’t believe how much fun roadtripping in ca is. The highway up to Quebec City is gorgeous even in a non-stop drizzling rain. It seemed to take it us forever but I have to say the colors were amazing. So many patchwork quilts out there climbing up into the mountains.

QC was a complete surprise. I didn’t know what to expect but whatever I expected I got so much more. Our hotel was downtown in the old area of the city, the great ancient wall visible as we stepped out into a drizzling rain. We walked through the arched opening and it was like walking into Europe with charming narrow curving streets, other century buildings, and on the air: French! I did not take French in school (I know it’s obvious) but had no idea about the LILT in a merci and bon jour. Lovely. Also that quarter of the city kept going on and on, no Disneyland this, but a real place.

Second day Nick and I went to Maison Bellanger-Girardin which is a small stone house on Avenue Royale in Beauport. I’ve wanted to visit there ever since my cousine Claire told me that she and her father had visited and both felt that it was possible that the Nicolas Belanger who lived in the house when it was just a cabin is an ancester of ours. Unfortunately all the information was in French and therefore nothing was proven to me, but I still got a thrill being in the house. Even if this Nicolas Belanger isn’t OUR Nicolas Belanger, our family most likely lived in a house just like this before heading down the Mississippi to Houma.

Montreal was wonderful too though we had less time there. We ate at a quaint little restaurant called Le Caveau just around the corner from the Hilton Garden Inn where we stayed. No Trish. We did not stay at the Ritz Carlton despite the snapshop! We also visited a huge church on a hill that had a lovely garden and promised a fab view of all of Montreal but we did not make it to the top.


Listening to Sam Cooke and wasting a little time blogging. Someone told me we’re supposed to get three INCHES of snow tomorrow. Is that even possible? Except last night after dinner, something white and wet came down and it wasn’t snow, it wasn’t hail, I have no idea, but at breakfast I heard the term mixed winter? Could that be right?

4 thoughts on “Lost in the Northern Latitudes

  1. Gay Degani

    Thanks guys. I do feel very lucky and I have my mother to thank. When she died she said I was to use my share of her money for me, to do what it is I feel I need to do in terms of art or writing, so she would be thrilled to know that this time is what she's given me.


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