Story Up at 10Flash today


I have a new piece up at K. C. Ball’s 10 Flash, issue 2, called Tin Star Town. It takes place in Globe Arizona, one of my favorite towns on our way to Sprucedale. No idea why I find it so evocative but I do. “Monsoon,” a longer story, also features a paragraph about Globe.

I think jewelry plays a part and all those shows Tim and I watch on cable, “How It’s Made” and discussions of steel, copper, bronze. Globe is a copper mining town at the foot of the mountains just east of Phoenix. And one of the metals I like to work with when I bead is copper. I love the look of it and I’ve learned that it’s an indispensible commodity in our world. Copper is used for communications, as an alloy ingredient. I don’t want to look all this up, so this is just off the top of my head. Let’s just say that for me metal rocks.


So I’m here and working. And it’s been raining almost every day since I arrived. It’s a good thing, I suppose, since that means I stay in my little studio room and write instead of getting out with my camera, taking pictures. But it’s all good. It can’t possibly rain for the whole four weeks, can it?

Since I just wrote a piece about what to do when your car goes off a bridge, I’ve got my eye on the river outside my window. Picked a marker rock to see if the water rises. In Arizona this can happen in an afternoon (again referencing Monsoon!), and I can tell by the steep banks on both sides of Gihon that it’s likely to rise with the rain. Regardless, it is beautiful and I feel truly blessed.

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