Misc. ramblings from the brain dead

Not sure I have anything of interest to share here except the previous post has been up for a while and I’m bored with it.

Been Busy.

Working on a TV pilot with a friend (keeping it underwraps):

a) to keep the concept A SECRET from would be claim jumpers

b) in case it doesn’t sell

c) in case I get kicked off the project

Spec scripts are like sand castles. You can put a lot of effort into them, even create a masterpiece, but most of the time someone is going to come dashing through it with size 14 EEEs or the next big tsunami will wash it out to sea.

Sister coming in for a landing, kids in tow

For her reunion. Let’s see. She’s still a kid herself. I think this is 30th? Won’t see much of her though since she’s up to her eyeballs with planning the whole thing. Facebook has proven to be the biggest boon to reunions since botox.

Hubby back from field trip

To Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Missed him especially with the Cinder thing.

Rejections coming in slowly

Waiting worse than watching paint dry (cliche, I know. I’m tired). Roxann G tracks these by number. Outstanding submits v. rejects v. acceptances. Let me count. 22 subs of 9 stories. At this rate, I’m not going to get anywhere. Goal for next week: Explore new markets for outstandings and rewrite w-i-p and explore starts.

On a positive note: Waiting for Rimshot to show up at Dogmatika soon.

The novel

Yeah, well, it’s been opened and read almost to page 109, but I got waylaid with the idea of writing a pilot!!

Okay. That’s it for now. Back to work.

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