Paintings up at ETSY

When I redesigned my website,, I created links to my writing, but also to my jewelry and my painting. The writing link over there brings people to this blog, but the other two??? Dead as a flea in the freezer.

Since I don’t believe that anything can kill a flea, I hired my friend Katharine to organize my paint-and-brush efforts and the results are at this fabulous site called Etsy. My home there is

As for the jewelry, well, hmmmmmm. Not sure what’s going on there. I’ve got this novel to rewrite, ya know.

5 thoughts on “Paintings up at ETSY

  1. Sarah Hilary

    I love your website, especially the colours and typeface. Your friend's done a great job with the Etsy thumbnails. Your art is so stylish, it deserves to be seen.


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