EDF’s July Calendar of Stories

July 1-G. Lloyd Helm Tender
July 2-William Wood Recipe
July 3-J.C. Towler Legends Collide
July 4-Walter Giersbach Death in the Afternoon
July 5-Grant Bergland “I Love You”
July 6-Marc Bona Shakers
July 7-Tapes Alice
July 8-Aaron Polson Inked
July 9-Glenn Head On/Off
July 10-elissa vann struth A Little Bit of a Good Thing
July 11-Angela Carlton The Songbird
July 12-J.P. Tioga The Only Thing Left To Do
July 13-Jon Gibbs Wild West Justice
July 14-Jeanne Holtzman When the Moon is in the Seventh House
July 15-Lia Molly Deromedi Leftovers
July 16-Elizabeth M. ThurmondModern Love

July 17-Nicholas Ozment Two Roads Diverged in a Wood
July 18-Rhonda Parrish Why Are the Clocks Melting?
July 19-Anne Brooke The Skeleton Wood
July 20-Paul A. Freeman A Gothic Adventure
July 21-Jenny Schwartz No Enemy But Time
July 22-David J. Rank A Giving Heart
July 23-Priscilla Kipp Amen
July 24-Jeremy Lightner Ramon-3
July 25-Therese Arkenberg Firebringer
July 26-Andrew S. Fuller Adrift
July 27-Frank Roger The Big Farewell Party At The End Of Time And Other Historical Documentaries
July 28-J.A. Matthews Cocooned
July 29-Scott W. BakerHow Quickly We Forget
July 30-Joshua Tate Cat Lovers
July 31-TW Williams Squatter’s Rights

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