New E-Zine 10FLASH Makes Its Debut July 1

Writer K. C. Ball has added a new title to her name, that of editor/publisher of the new e-zine, 10Flash. Debuting today, July 1, 10Flash is a quarterly which contains ten stories based on a specific theme and written in one of four genres: fantasy, horror, suspense, or mystery. K. C. writes about the forthcoming issue in her last post at 10FLash.

I have ten great pieces of flash fiction for you to read, all written around a common theme –a librarian traveling in a foreign country–and they are a nice mix of science fiction, fantasy, horror and suspense.

I’m pleased to report that there will also be an eleventh piece of flash to mark thepremier of 10Flash. The author of that tale is a surprise, but those of you who are devotees of flash fiction should recognize the name.

The authors with stories in the premiere issue are Megan Arkenberg. Alex Burns. D. J. Barber. Kella Campbell.Oonah Joslin. Erin Kinch. Jon Pinnock. Aaron Polson. Sandra Seamans. And me.

Jordan Lapp, managing editor of Every Day Fiction, offers up a one-time-only eleventh story. Stop by and feel free to comment.

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