Mom’s Day Mambo

Nice weekend for mothers. I’m a mother and I got my turn too. And I will avoid making the obvious comments such as Mother’s Day is a Hallmark holiday. Which it is.

What worked for me yesterday was 1) a nap in the middle of the day. A nap not stolen when no one was around but a BALD-FACED nap that everyone knew about. 2) My husband did the driveway shuffle with my car AND went to the grocery to buy salad-fixins for Mother’s Day dinner at his mother’s. 3) My daughter put away the dishes from the dishwasher and came up early with us to the mother-in-law’s. 4) Wonderful Mother’s Day cards. 5) Beading with my daughter and mother-in-law. 6) A giant bouquet of flowers. 7) NO HASSLES and NO THINKING on my part!!! Wow. That ain’t bad. Maybe even perfecto!!!

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