Not much time today. It’s Friday and as always I have things to do on Fridays. However a sense of routine is a good thing. At least for me. When I’m free-floating out there in the real world, I tend to waste time and I’m running out of that commodity.

I’m so torn between not wasting time and doing what I’m in the mood to do. The arguments on both sides of the issue are seductive. I’m older. I don’t have forty years ahead of me to hone skills, make mistakes, do what I was put here on earth to do. I don’t have thirty. I may, if I’m lucky, have twenty. And maybe not twenty COHERENT years. I can already feel the hot breath of forgetfulness steaming up the hairs on the back of my neck.

But if I only have twenty years, why not indulge myself? Do what I want? Haven’t I earned the right to live life exactly how I choose? If I need or WANT a nap, what’s wrong with stripping down in the middle of the day and crawling between cool sheets? If I want to wander through an antique mall for hours even though I can’t put one more leg of furniture in my house, what’s the harm?

None really. But I can’t shake the feeling that what I do with my time should be of some use to someone other than myself. And if I want to “change the world” writing probably falls into the self-indulgent category, so where does that leave me?

Indecisive. Fearful of wasting time while defiantly wanting to waste time. In other words, a mess.

1 thought on “Time

  1. Jane

    Comment #1 for the day:Remember the old saying “when I am 94 years old and look back on my life I am not going to wish I had worked more, I am going to wish I had not wasted time working when I could have been having fun.”Or something like that. Permission granted to CHILL my sister!


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