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Bayou Black and Blue

It’s been hard to get news of what’s going on in Houma and Montegut, but the little bit I’ve gleaned is that the doors to Terrebonne Parish are closed to evacuees until Friday. The power grids are down and no electricity is expected for a couple of days. Streets need to be cleared of trees and debris before anyone will be let back in. I’ve called my cousin who evacuated to her brother’s house in Georgia but haven’t heard back yet. I don’t know what’s going on down there, not as bad as expected but still damaged. Everyone seems to think that since New Orleans was by-passed the drama in Southern Louisiana is over. But it’s not.

In listening to NPR coverage, I heard the fire chief of Montegut say that his “smoke signals” for help haven’t reached any one and they are still waiting for water, communications equipment, and diesel fuel. In our media driven society, it’s a shame that entire populations of people still manage to fall through the cracks.

Here’s the NPR link: Storm Stricken Louisiana Town

*********************SEPTEMBER 4 UPDATE***************************
Heard back from Ms. Claire Louise. She’s almost to Mississippi, returning to Houma from Georgia. Expects to sleep in her car tonight since she can’t get to her house until sometime tomorrow. Still no electricity in the city.