An Insightful Review of What Came Before

I missed it, a review of What Came Before earlier this year and don’t really know how except 2015 has turned out to be extremely busy.  Between editing my new collection of 46 stories and a novella, Rattle of Want, and checking travel items off our bucket list, my ability to track things (birthdays, health issues, obligations to review the work of others) fell apart.  I was pleased however to discover this wonderful article with legitimate critical points on the site of Hometown Pasadena by Kat Ward.

Here’s the beginning of the review followed by a link to the rest:

What Came Before by Gay Degani was written by a woman who, admittedly, got “lost in living.” Like so many people, and I suppose I mean particularly women, Degani felt writing took up too much of her time, time that “should” be spent—and would be better spent—raising a family, i.e. taking care of others and their needs.

“I was too busy living and too afraid to give up ‘real life’ for something I felt was basically selfish.”

For more REVIEW by Kat Ward.

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