Review of Flash Fiction International Anthology at Bartleby Snopes

I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing the newest edition of Flash Fiction anthologies, Flash Fiction International, Very Short Stories from Around the World by Robert Shapard, James Thomas, and Christopher Merrill. You can find my article at  the Bartleby Snopes Blog.

Find out more about Christopher Merrill.

Other books by Robert Shapard, James Thomas, and others include:  
Mar 1, 2010
by Robert Shapard and James Thomas
Jan 17, 2007

by Robert Shapard and James Thomas
Aug 17, 2006
by Robert Shapard and James Thomas
Sudden Short Fiction: American Short-Short Stories
July 7, 1992
by Robert Shapard
by Tom Hazuka, Denise Thomas and James Thomas
Oct 17, 1989
by Robert Shapard and James Thomas
Dec 31, 1983
by Robert Shapard and James Thomas

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