Chapter 1 of What Came Before Read by Me

Have your been wondering about Chapter 1 of my suspense novel?  Here’s a taste of What Came Before!  

Available for purchase in hardcover at Amazon ( or B&N ( or read the serialized version here:

About What Came Before:

Fed up with being tied down by twenty-five years of domestic bliss and everyone’s expectations, Abbie Palmer, struggling to find her creative self and asserting some independence from her husband, moves into the Tiki Palms. When he tells her, “You’ll be lonely. No man is an island,” she flings back, “That’s exactly what I want to be, an island. I’m sick of being a whole continent.” But breaking away isn’t so easy, what with cops, Molotov cocktails and Hollywood starlets, lost memories — and maybe an unknown half-sister…

1 thought on “Chapter 1 of What Came Before Read by Me

  1. Anonymous


    You have an excellent reading voice.

    I can't wait to get the entire eBook that I purchased from Every Day Fiction/Novels.

    Sue Ann


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