We are Twenty-One Chapters Into What Came Before

That’s right. WCB has been up at Every Day Novels now for four weeks, moving into week five.  And if you don’t know what I’m talking about it’s my serialized suspense novel at Every Day Novels.  It’s free through the entire book, but just so you know, once it’s over, it will be removed from the internet and only be available in a hardback gift edition, paperback, and e-book formats.

What Came Before is the story of Abbie Palmer who decides once her children are gone, she’s going to take a break from her husband to pursue creative endeavors – just for the summer, a kind of personal-growth camp.  Her head is about to burst with everything she wants to do, paint, write, make jewelry, knit, reupholster furniture.  She even has an old electric fry pan tucked under the marriage bed with large blocks of beeswax.  She wants to learn how to batik!

Her husband rolls his eyes and keeps coming up with other things they have to do, she has to do, so she decides to take a “leave of absence” from her marriage, but just when she settles into her tiny apartment at the Tiki Palms, she runs into murder, cops, and repressed memories from her past.

Anyway, I don’t want to give away too much.  I want you to read the book on the edge of your seat which some readers have told me they’ve been doing.  If you haven’t started reading yet, here’s the link: WCB

Hard Cover Due April 7

And there’s more news.  Every Day Novels editor and publisher, Camille Gooderham Campbell, has told me the hardback edition of WCB will available for purchase on April 7!!!!  If any of you reading this live in the Los Angeles area and would like me to visit your book group or if you’d like to get some friends together to party, contact me at gaydegani@gmail.com.  I’m happy to come, read some of the story, and talk about the novel and/or about writing itself.

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