Folly Blaine reads "Something About LA" Right Here

How lucky I am to have come across the wonderful Folly Blaine.  She’s the podcast editor over at Every Day Fiction and records stories there.  She’s also “for hire” if any one is interested. I commissioned her to produce three of my stories for my blog spot since I’ve been so busy I have been woefully negligent. Since my suspense novel, What Came Before, will be coming out in various formats in early January, I also figure if I’m going to try and do this right, I need to start stirring up interest so some of you out there will give it a look.  So here’s Folly’s reading of “Somewhere in LA.”  This is the story that won The Glass Woman Prize for 2011.  Thanks you, Beatte Siggriddaughter.

To find out more about Folly, check out her very entertaining blog, Maybe It Was the Moonshine:  HERE.

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