Lots happening lately.  

Catherine the Great’s Untold Stories!

Out today is Catherine refracted from Pure Slush. Here’s the tagline: 

The unofficial unofficial biography! 19 salacious stories that delve deeper into the true life of Catherine the Great … and where no one has gone before! With Susan Tepper, Andrew Stancek, Sarah Collie, Joyce Juzwik, L. S. Johnson, Todd McKie, Dusty-Anne Rhodes, Christine Tolley, Robert Mangeot, Stephen V. Stephen V Ramey, Gill Hoffs, Anne Scott, Kim Conklin Hutchinson, Claudia Bierschenk, Juliet Beckman Hubbell, Matt Potter, Mira Desai, and me.

From “
The Cossack Ultimatum”  by me. 

The steward closed the door firmly behind her. She hurried to her chair, tossed her needlework to the floor, and sat down. “I have a plan.”

Read me on your iPad!

I’ve just discovered a new site which puts short stories in an app so that they can be read online via all those magic devises like cell phones, iPads, etc.  It’s called Ether Books Mobile.  Here’s the link: http://writers.etherbooks.com/Default.aspx.  

 I have a piece that is up now called “Heading to Perdition” previously seen at K. C. Ball’s 10Flash.  You need to download the app itself to read it via iTunes or Google. 
 You flip the pages like real pages.  I’ve never seen that before.  Anyway, I’m using it to publish the stories that were printed in mags that no longer publish and there are no archives.   And I’m taking the opportunity to revise them.  So the first one up is Heading to Perdition from 10Flash.  You have to download the app and then go to discover.  Here’s the ether site link and info about the story. About “Heading to Perdition.”

If you have time, please check it out and give me a review.  Even it you don’t care for the story, tell it like it is. 

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