100 Days of Summer Celebration of Creativity

Here’s my Day 3 from Steve’s 4/100 Expressions.
Over at Facebook, there’s a new group which is dedicated to celebrating 100 Days of Summer with creativity.  Here’s how it will work:

From Steve Veilleux :   Let me take this opportunity to welcome all of the new members to the Summer 2012 version of 100 Days, as well as returning participants. The recent Winter and Spring programs were hosted successfully using Facebook’s Group facility. Most of us have created a blog (e.g., http://100dayssummer2012.wordpress.com/, yes, this is a shameless plug) to consolidate our artwork, re-posting to this group in order to share and facilitate feedback.

In the past, we have made this a collaborative project, guided by one individual’s artwork to provide direction for other artists. This summer, I will post an expression or two, which may be used as a starting point for ideas. To simplify (for myself, of course), I’ll be using cards from a game called “The Origin of Expressions”. Use the information in any way you’d like, borrow ideas from other postings, or create literal or abstract interpretation of the expression. And of course, you are free to post independently of this structure.

Expression #1 follows (week of July 1-7):
“Paint the town red”
Meaning: Spend a wild night out
Origin: In 19th century England, the Bad Boy Marquis of Waterford and his friends painted several buildings in a village red.

Expression #2 (week of Jul 1-7)
“out like a light”
Meaning: Fast asleep
Origin: When electricity first spread across America in the early 20th century, people could turn lights on and off with just the flick of a switch. It was a new phenomena. By the middle of the century, ‘out like a light’ meant falling asleep quickly and deeply.

I’m going to give this a try.  My follow-up on these things is sketchy.  But what the heck!!

Here’s my Day 2 of 2/100…which I didn’t read carefully and now am reading.  Oh well.

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