What’s Up at Every Day Fiction this Month

January’s Table of Contents
Jan 1 David Bright HTML
Jan 2 William Doonan Visions of Sugarplums: One Elf’s Descent Into Madness
Jan 3 Tony Burnett Big Sweet Life
Jan 4 Milo James Fowler Stone in the Sky and Bread Below
Jan 5 Elaine Olund A Winter Break
Jan 6 Scott W Younkin Heed the Sailor’s Tale
Jan 7 Dan Allen Knock-Knock
Jan 8 Lydia S Gray In Return
Jan 9 JC Piech Imaginary Cowboys
Jan 10 Christopher Owen Deepsleep
Jan 11 Joanna Bressler The Shadow Woman
Jan 12 April Grey Doing Time
Jan 13 Richard Ferri Making Do
Jan 14 Cezarija Abartis The Golden Rule
Jan 15 Allison Nast Dear Baby
Jan 16 Wayne Scheer Late Night Heroics
Jan 17 Dan Purdue Just Jeff
Jan 18 Gustavo Bondoni Christopher’s Retreat
Jan 19 Laura Crowe Glass Ceiling
Jan 20 Ted Lietz The Truth about Truth
Jan 21 A. E. Decker The Quest
Jan 22 Michelle Ann King There You Are, My Love
Jan 23 Jonathan Pinnock Rôle-Play
Jan 24 Ben Carey The Smell Of Things To Come
Jan 25 Gerald Warfield Stonehenge in His Garden
Jan 26 Thomas Ecclestone Grunt The Underling
Jan 27 Michael A Rose Candy Sales Are Through the Roof
Jan 28 Jason Michelsen Circus
Jan 29 Andy Leigh de Fonseca Survival
Jan 30 Andrew Waters Flame
Jan 31 Joyce Chng Birth Story

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