Semper Fidelis: Always Faithful

During WWII, my parents were Marines. My father was a Lieutenant who served as a pilot instructor, my mother was a sergeant in the motor pool at El Toro in California.  They met on my mother’s 21st birthday in a bar in Laguna Beach.  He was from Iowa, she from Louisiana. They fell in love and when my father shipped out to the Pacific, they got married.   They survived the war and moved close to my mother’s hometown so my dad could get his Masters’ degree in Economics at Tulane. They lived in Iowa too before moving to California in the mid-50’s.They had two daughters and remained together until my father’s death in 1983.

On this day of remembrance and thanksgiving, I honor my parents and all veterans who have served our country. Let those of us who are kept safe because of the sacrifice of others, continue to strive to be better people so we can have a stronger, more humane and ethical country. Let’s put greed behind us, selfishness too, honor achievement and hard work, and move toward something good.  Let us talk and plan without thought of what we personally benefit, but rather how everyone can benefit. Then perhaps when those men and women who die for us will not die in vain.

Semper Fidelis: Always Faithful

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