Bluster-F**k up at Pure Slush

I have a story up at Pure Slush this month.

Check it out : BLUSTER-FUCK


You don’t remember much about his wife because when Bluster-Fuck’s around, he opens his mouth and vacuums the room dry, pulling every last dust mote into his gut. Even the skin cells of your own face feel like they’re going to peel right off and zoom down his gullet.


Douglas Campbell:
Wonderful, Gay. There are too many Bluster-Fucks running loose these days, and you nailed the type perfectly. Made me both laugh and shiver!

John “JAM” Arthur Miller:
I had NO idea what to expect with a title like that, but I’m glad I read it, lol! Great read, Gay!

Bev Elliott:
It has been my misfortune to know more than one Bluster-Fuck. Thank you for a story that allows us to poke fun at people who have problems getting social context clues.

Lucinda Kempe:
Bluster-Fuck. How divine. Wonder if the real bluster fucks of the world will recognize themselves? Ha! Neva. Brilliant job, Gay. You nailed him.

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