Breaking BAD is SOOOOO Good

Just watched  the final episode of last season’s Breaking Bad.  If any of you have read Robert McKee’s book “Story” and struggle with his concept of “the negation of the negation,” you really should see this series from the beginning. If there was ever a terrific example of characters who start out being one certain kind of person with certain ethical limits who then must become another kind of person in order to survive–the total opposite of kind of person to what that person is supposed to be–and then, yes, is forced to go BEYOND even that to “the negation of the negation!” this show is that example. Creating characters who go through hell is exactly what the creator and writers of this series do.  It is amazing to watch this story unfold.  Season 4 starts next week. Rent 1-3, Tivo it, Netflix it, stream it, rob someone’s stash of DVDs, just SEE it.

2 thoughts on “Breaking BAD is SOOOOO Good

  1. le0pard13

    Oh, Hell yes, Gay. It's such a great series, and my wife and I have been waiting patiently for its return (it's been way too long for season 4 to arrive). Thanks.

  2. popsicledeath

    I love the show and how it manages maximum drama without ever (okay, rarely) dipping into melodrama. Reminds me of The Wire in that regard.

    Like a junkie, I impatiently wait the days for the new disk from Netflix, then devour it in one sitting, before going through withdrawl again until the new disk arrives.


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