Every Day Fiction’s March Calendar

Mar 01
Belinda Rees
Hart’s Tip
Mar 02
Deborah Winter-Blood
Veterans of War
Mar 03
Jakob Drud
9 of 10
Mar 04
Sylvia Heartz
The Magic Pillow
Mar 05
Carmela Starace
Autopsy of the Steele Family (in Six Chapters)
Mar 06
David Macpherson
The World Between Geometry and British Drama
Mar 07
Greg Likins
Temptation Drive-Thru
Mar 08
Andrew S. Williams
From Here to the Sargasso
Mar 09
James C.G. Shirk
Will Work for Food
Mar 10
Gretchen Bassier
Mar 11
Rumjhum Biswas
Breakfast for Two
Mar 12
Ajit Dhillon
God Machine
Mar 13
Anisha Sridhar
It’s not Me, It’s You
Mar 14
Melinda Jones
Mother of the Boy
Mar 15
Shaun Simon
Television for the Dead
Mar 16
Bruce Holland Rogers
Dear Lisa
Mar 17
Paul Friesen
The Next Ice Age
Mar 18
Christopher Lockheardt
The Perfect Song
Mar 19
T.C. Powell
Strange Fate/George Morris’ Brother’s Dirty Old Shoe
Mar 20
Loren Arthur Moreno
And That’s Uncle Thom
Mar 21
Douglas Pugh
Impish balance
Mar 22
Chelsea Tudor
Mar 23
K.C. Ball
Serves Him Right
Mar 24
Wayne Scheer
Harold’s Eulogy
Mar 25
JR Hume
Mar 26
Jude-Marie Green
Another Nebulous Conversation onBus Trip to America
Mar 27
Paige Sinkler
Cold Feet
Mar 28
Vincent D. O’Connor
The Princess and The Bullfrog
Mar 29
Robert O’Shea
Bella’s Birthday
Mar 30
Dee Turbon
Mar 31
Sally York
Saving Nimoy

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