Every Day Fiction’s December Calendar

December begins tomorrow bringing with it a fair amount of chaos.  However, remember when you need a short break  Every Day Fiction provides flash fiction that can be read during a coffee break.  

Table of Contents
Dec 1 Joyce Statton Tidings
Dec 2 J.D. Rice Questions
Dec 3 JR Hume Dust on the Sun
Dec 4 Susan Kaempfer How to Embarrass Mum and Dad
Dec 5 Ken Liu The Letter
Dec 6 Joe Alan Artz Knott Travel
Dec 7 Kurt Kirchmeier Clicks and Whirs
Dec 8 A. F. McKeating Listening
Dec 9 Randall Brown Just Like Earth Girls
Dec 10 Karen Laine Taking Chances
Dec 11 Brittany Michelson Truth In Lemonade Stands
Dec 12 Alex Fleetwood The Meaning of Hard Work
Dec 13 John Impey Refrigerator Sphinx
Dec 14 Mark Wolf Koggie and the Autonomous House
Dec 15 Omenka Helen Uchendu If Only God Were Watching
Dec 16 Kaolin Imago Fire It Comes Down to This
Dec 17 Elizabeth Your Smile
Dec 18 Howard Cincotta Silent Velcro
Dec 19 Mary J. Daley Ready or Not
Dec 20 Richard Lamb Making Merry
Dec 21 H.P. Mandrake Long Goat
Dec 22 Ben Carey The Girl with the Red Ribbon in Her Hair
Dec 23 Wanda Morrow-Clevenger Roses and Peppermint Candy
Dec 24 Digby Beaumont Who Knew More than Karen Carpenter About a Broken Heart?
Dec 25 Kip Kringle
Dec 26 Heather Holland Wheaton Coats
Dec 27 Patrick S. Tomlinson Earth Girls are Hard
Dec 28 Elizabeth Perfect The Night the Planes Stopped Flying
Dec 29 Dee Turbon One Kiss
Dec 30 Sandra Crook The Old Ways
Dec 31 P. Djeli Clark The Machine

4 thoughts on “Every Day Fiction’s December Calendar

  1. Gay Degani

    Hi Milo,
    I emailed Camille and here's your answer:

    “We are working on selections now and I’m hoping to have emails out to authors before Christmas.




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