Goals for November

I’m always writing about goals and then ignoring them, but I’m going to be perverse and keep posting them until I get it right.  Goal #1 is the novel. You’ve heard it before and most of you probably don’t believe it will happen, but it will!  It will!

My other main goal is to get some help at Flash Fiction Chronicles.  Denny Lee Vanvick has agreed to help out but I think I need a couple more editors.  So if you are interested in applying to be an assistant editor, send me a note and tell me what part you’d like to play.  Or if you are interested in having a once a month feature column at FFC, I would like to consider that as a possibility too.  If interviewing, writing craft posts, finding articles, proof-reading, gathering news bits, or posting a weekly photo prompt appeals to you let me know.

What else for November?  My son and his wife are coming for early Thanksgiving so I’m looking forward to that.  My goal is to be in a good work place (meaning a few posts ahead at FFC and significant novel progress) by the time they get here so I can reeeellllllaaaaaxxxxx and enjoy their visit.

I think that’s it.  I also want to enjoy the signing Wednesday night at Vromans for the Hint Fiction anthology.  Editor Robert Swartwood will be out for that and I hope lots of people come.  It’s at 7:00 November 3 upstairs at Vromans in Old Town.

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