Every Day Fiction’s October Calendar!

Every Day Fiction is looking for someone to read stories for consideration in the ezine.  It is a fabulous learning experience. Here is the application:  http://www.everydayfiction.com/stories/wp-content/uploads/volunteer-slush-readers-wanted.pdf

October Line-Up

Oct 1 Zoe Palmer/Space to Breathe

Oct 2 Lynsey Miller/Mine

Oct 3 Sarah Evans/Being Bold

Oct 4 Matt Cowens/Fire Safety

Oct 5 Leigh Kimmel/The End of Her Line

Oct 6 Debbie Cowens/No Smoke Without Fire

Oct 7 A.L. Sirois/Closed System

Oct 8 Stef Hall/After The Fire

Oct 9 C.L. Holland/The Girl With the Clockwork Heart

Oct 10 Felicia Aguilar/Brutal Truths

Oct 11 Robert Schladale/That’s A Promise

Oct 12 Ben Langdon/The Girl On The Beach

Oct 13 KJ Kabza/How the Snake Got the Fork in His Tongue

Oct 14 Rasmenia Massoud/House Cleaning

Oct 15 Robert Edward Sullivan/Level Up

Oct 16 Rachel J Bailey/The Golden Toad

Oct 17 TFAhan/Panhandle Oil Rig

Oct 18 Stephanie King/Siren Song

Oct 19 Carmela Starace/And They Called It Puppy Love

Oct 20 Erin Lawless/Succubus

Oct 21 Liz Penn/One Step Behind

Oct 22 Martin Brick/The Perils of Thoughtful…

Oct 23 Alex Shvartsman/Good Advice

Oct 24 AJ Smith/Never Tell

Oct 25 John Impey/The Trial Of The Flea

Oct 26 Nathaniel Johnson/Bullyboys

Oct 27 Autumn HumphreyThe Valley of Death

Oct 28 Meghna Pant/Family Dinner

Oct 29 Jessica George/Fresh Snow

Oct 30 JR Hume/The Condemned Man

Oct 31 Tom Kepler/Spider

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