Minor Changes

Doing a little online house keeping today by combining my “official” website with my Words in Place blog since it’s time to keep things simple (time as it refers both to age and season!!)  So if you look me up as “gay degani” and click on http://www.gaydegani.com/, you’ll end up here. Or if you click on http://wordsinplace.blogspot.com/ you’ll end up here.  See how easy that is?

I’ve also brought over a couple of pages from my website, one is a summary of how to give specific purpose to drafts of a work-in-progress and the other is a list of books under 300 pages.  These are all that remain of  my English 1A website.  I’ve also tried to unclutter the main page of the blog.  Now some of the items that used to be in the right hand column have their own pages. Under Words in Place heading you can now find links to my writing online, interviews, articles, and reviews of Pomegranate Stories.

I hope to add a new “about me” page as well as a page feature past prompts from Flash Fiction Chronicles.

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