July’s Table of Contents at EDF

A new month of fiction at Every Day Fiction.

Jul 1/Alastair McIntyre/No Cause for Alarm
Jul 2/J.R. Hochman/Jabbers
Jul 3/S O Asante/All His Favourites
Jul 4/Erin M. Kinch/The Vote
Jul 5/Rickey Rivers Jr./The Result of the Argument
Jul 6/Tanya L. Schofield/Chance Encounter
Jul 7/Oonah V Joslin/Turn About
Jul 8/JR Hume/Self Promotion
Jul 9/Kathee Jantzi/Why Not Me?
Jul 10/Joshua Tate/The Animal
Jul 11/Kyle Hemmings/The Dance Floor
Jul 12/John Keel/Betting Kevin
Jul 13/Gay Degani/To Have and To Hold
Jul 14/Peter Tupper/Disappearing Girl
Jul 15/Amber Foster/Fallen
Jul 16/Daniel Austin Warren/Sleeping
Jul 17/Manuel Royal/Earth Air Fire
Jul 18/AJ Smith/Echo
Jul 19/Walter Giersbach/Day of Moving Hell
Jul 20/Jonathan Pinnock/The Colour of Criticism
Jul 21/Therese Arkenberg/Few Are Called…
Jul 22/Mickey Mills/One in Four Shot
Jul 23/Gaius Coffey/Alexei
Jul 24/Bret Bass/No Eternities, Only Moments
Jul 25/David Macpherson/Fright Wig
Jul 26/James Burt/A Bad Place to Stick Your Hand
Jul 27/Amanda Hayter/In the Key of Love
Jul 28/Deborah Winter-Blood/Birds of Prey
Jul 29/Ramon Rozas III/One Afternoon in Geneva
Jul 30/Steven Saus/Precipitation
Jul 31/Wayne Scheer/A Good Woman

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