String-of-10 Celebration Launches Today

Flash Fiction Chronicles News:

Today launches String-of-10 TWO week. Today at Flash Fiction Chronicles we feature an interview with Sharon E. Trotter, last August’s first place winner with her story “The Haircut.”

Here’s our interview with her: Catching up with Sharon E. Trotter, August 2009 String Winner « Flash Fiction Chronicles

Next week, we publish John Towler’s “Gypsy Flour” and Brittany Soder’s “Good Morning, Susan” along with interviews with the second place Towler and third place Soder.

On Friday, Every Day Fiction will publish Ann Pino’s “Salvation” and we at Flash Fiction Chronicles will carry an interview with Ms. Pino.

In the following weeks, we’ll feature another String interview with Joel Willans, guest judge of the February competiton as well as an interview with Gaius Coffey, author of the Top Read story at Every Day Fiction for March.

Personal News:

I have a new story up at Short Story America: “Wounded Moon.” It’s so cool how they do it. It’s like it’s own little book. You may have to join in order to read it, but probably not.

This story was short-listed in the Fish Short Story Contest in 2008 so you might like it. Find it here.

Other recent pieces include:

Okay You’re Writing: How to Keep Track at Flash Fiction Chronicles
What’s Next at 50 to 1
Madeline in Her Coffin at Referential Magazine

1 thought on “String-of-10 Celebration Launches Today

  1. Kathleen A. Ryan

    Hi Gay,

    I enjoyed reading “Wounded Moon” (it is cool how it's like a book, really neat), I think it's terrific. It's a touching, sad story. One of the roughest aspects of being a police officer was the fatal motor vehicle accidents. When I got into PIO, I was writing a press release about fatal car crashes every week. I lost my own brother in 2001 in a motorcycle crash, a young woman failed to yield right of way. Not a day has passed since he died that I haven't thought of him.
    Congrats on the recognition your story received.
    All the best,


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