EDF’s April Table of Contents

April brings us another 30 flash pieces to read from Every Day Fiction including the Flash Fiction Chronicles String-of-10 Microfiction contest winning story “Salvation” by Ann Pino.

Apr 1/James Bloomfield/Telephone Call
Apr 2/Tommy B. Smith/Mr. Philpot
Apr 3/Manuel Royal/Birthday Troll
Apr 4/Christopher Floyd/Insight
Apr 5/Mickey Mills/The Newly Dead of Winter
Apr 6/John Wiswell/Computer Education
Apr 7/Joshua S Walker/Open-Minded Gentleman
Apr 8/Kaolin Imago Fire/Fading
Apr 9/Jon Bland/Damaged Goods
Apr 10/William Knight/Electric Smiles
Apr 11/Patrick Perkins/Speed Trap
Apr 12/Jenny Schwartz/After Midnight
Apr 13/J.C. Towler/Dour Cutler
Apr 14/Jan Melara/Covered Dish Supper
Apr 15/S.J. Higbee/A Drop of the Hard Stuff
Apr 16/Ann M. Pino/Salvation
Apr 17/R.F. Marazas/What’s In A Name?
Apr 18/James Hartley/Priorities
Apr 19/Rhiannon Morgan/Sucka for Punishment
Apr 20/Peter Charles/Slurpy
Apr 21/Chad Redden/Building a Sparrow
Apr 22/Maureen Wilkinson/The Cool Bag
Apr 23/Stacey Py Flynn/Tryst
Apr 24/Giles Turnbull/Winner of the Regional Best Chip Shop Award, 2006
Apr 25/Oonah V Joslin/Cider Sunrise
Apr 26/Ruth Imeson/Turning the Tables
Apr 27/Ladonna A. Watkins/Chocolate Milk
Apr 28/Lorette C. Luzajic/Shrinking
Apr 29/Fadzlishah Johanabas/Secrets
Apr 30/Aaron Polson/Blue Collar Boys

And if that isn’t enough to read, here are some things by or about me out there:

Review of Pomegranate Stories by Jackie Houchin
Writers in Residence Interview by Jacqueline Vick
Podcast of The Breach by me, read by Robert C. Eccles
Addicted to Flash by me, at Flash Fiction.Net

Recent Story Publications:
Madeline in Her Coffin at Referential Magazine
Heartland and What’s Next at 50 to 1
Complicit at Smokelong Quarterly

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