EDF’s December Calendar of Stories

Every Day Fiction’s
December Table of Contents

Dec 1 Timothy Miller Vaccine
Dec 2 sn wright The Smell of Rust
Dec 3 Dee Martin Ladies Night
Dec 4 Deborah Winter-Blood Deadache
Dec 5 Therese Arkenberg Ameran Theatre
Dec 6 Wayne Scheer The Naked City
Dec 7 Larkin Cunningham Knowing Her Priorities
Dec 8 Michelle Klein Mutilation
Dec 9 S.J. Higbee A Boy’s Best Friend
Dec 10 Sarah Hilary Water’s Edge
Dec 11 Kevin Jewell Holiday Party Subjunctive
Dec 12 Debbie Burgess The Sacrifice
Dec 13 Stephen Taylor A Day at the Fur Auction
Dec 14 Gay Degani Flash Flood
Dec 15 Michael Mallory The Bite of War
Dec 16 John Brooke Bummer
Dec 17 Jim Reine The Last Patient
Dec 18 J.C. Towler EF 5
Dec 19 Brian George Dave Is Still Talking
Dec 20 Laura T Praderio Lynn Wheelchair Memories
Dec 21 Chris Allinotte Code Mustard
Dec 22 Oonah V Joslin Song of Everything
Dec 23 Mary Baader Kaley Giant Snowflakes
Dec 24 Ty Johnston Milk and Cookies
Dec 25 Cathryn Grant A Christmas Package
Dec 26 Sylvia Hiven Safe in Sparrow
Dec 27 Katherine Periam The Potion
Dec 28 Richard M. O’Donnell The Perfect Fit
Dec 29 Claire Webber She’s Fixed
Dec 30 Mickey Mills Fire on Falcon Road
Dec 31 Tanya Byrne Forever is a Locked Door

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