Hints for Success in Submissions to Hint Antho

THE NORTON ANTHOLOGY Hint Fiction Submission period has officially begun.

1) Don’t post your entries here at Flash Fiction Chronicles.

2) Email entries to mailto:hint.fiction@gmail.com

3) Read Robert Swartwood’s guidelines. As with all submissions in the writing world, failure to follow the guidelines will lead you down the hopelessly dark road to not being read and appreciated. Guidelines are here: HINT FICTION GUIDELINES

4) Send your best work: It’s August 2, only the second day after the editor began accepting submissions, and Rob has received over 150+.

5) Attention: South Dakota residents. Gleaned from Robert Swartwood’s TWITTERAGE:

What does hurt my feelings is that STILL nobody from South Dakota has visited my
site. I’m going to start a campaign to fix the situation.

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