I’m such a TWIT for Flockage

Yes, I’ve succombed to the lure of vanity–of having my first thoughts broadcast via the net over the face of the globe–by joining Twitter! But I tell myself I’ve done it for a good cause. Not for me, oh no! But for the general good of Flash Fiction Writers Everywhere! I’m a mere conduit for all that discussion, right?

My secret self wonders, “Sure, Gay, you’re doing it for THEM. Like you know what THEY need, but we know your dirty little secret. You want more pages on Google. You want people to flock to you!”

No. Really I don’t. (You believe that?)

Most of us want “flockage,” though many deny it. It’s human nature to desire attention. Flock to EDF’s new Flash Fiction Chronicles at TWITTER. And of course visit the new blog itself at Flash Fiction Chronicles.

Start some flockage of your own

Flash Fiction Chronicles would like to post your article on writing. Find out more at Submit a Blog Post.

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