Tattoo Highway, new Flash Fiction Blog, and Slush Life

So much has happened over the last two weeks that I’m behind like a mother. Most important I did want to say that my story Losing Ground is out this month in Tattoo Highway, a very cool lit-mag on the net. Che-che-check it out. And thanks to those of you who read it and sent me those kind words of encouragement. Love you guys.

Every Day Fiction is launching EDF’s Flash Fiction Blog with an inaugural piece from Sarah Hilary called “Historical Flash – (Re)living the Moment.” Future blog posts are coming from Jordan Lapp, Camille Gooderham Campbell, Stephen Smethurst, KC Ball, Jason Stout, Dave McPhearson, Alexander Burns, C.L. Holland, DJ Barber, and more including yours truly.

The site is owned by Every Day Publishing which publishes Every Day Fiction and Every Day Poets, 365 days a year.

Flash Fiction Blog MISSION: Our goal is to help in the growth of quality flash fiction for writers and readers online and in print. This site is dedicated to the discussion of the art and craft of flash fiction, fiction in general, and the issues of writing, marketing, and publishing today.

BTW, I’m kind of the editor.

And slush life. I have a couple more posts to make here about avoiding the bounce out of the slush pile, but they’ll have to wait until next week.

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