"Spring Melt" Micro Award Nominee for 2008

My story Spring Melt published by Every Day Fiction in June of 2008 is one of the nominees for the 2nd Annual Micro Award.

From the official Micro Award Website:


“Let x” by Chad Simpson; Esquire.com Napkin Fiction Project, August 15 2008.


“Between the Keys” by Robert Swartwood; elimae, July 2008.

“Cracked Open” by Jane Banning; Birds by My Window, December 9 2008.

“Custard’s Last Stand” by Matt Bell; DOGZPLOT, February 2008.

“Ice Water, Here on Earth” by Damian Dressick; Pittsburgh City Paper, September 25 2008.

“Offerings” by Desmond Warzel; Shroud Magazine #4, Fall 2008.

“Silent Notes” by Jessica Hollander; The First Line, Spring 2008.

“Spring Melt” by Gay Degani; Every Day Fiction, June 6 2008.

“A Wizard of MapQuest” by Alex Wilson; Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet #23, November 2008.

7 thoughts on “"Spring Melt" Micro Award Nominee for 2008

  1. Desmond Warzel

    Hi, Gay; I very much enjoyed “The London Eye” this morning, but I really wanted to offer congratulations on the Micro Award nomination, from a fellow nominee.Cheers,Desmond Warzel

  2. Gay Degani

    Desmond, I’d like to offer you the same. I’m going to try and find your story at Shroud this morning if it’s on line.So congrats Desmond!“Offerings” by Desmond Warzel; Shroud Magazine #4, Fall 2008.

  3. Robert

    I tried leaving a comment yesterday but it didn’t work so let’s try it again … Congrats, Gay! As they say, it’s just an honor to be nominated, isn’t it? 🙂


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