Shameless Kev is Guest Prompter over at EDF

If you want to do a quick 10 minute writing with an egg timer, Kevin Shamel of To Save the Disco fame, is today’s GUEST PROMPTER at my Daily Prompt thread over at Every Day Fiction.

I did a couple 10 minute prompts when my daughter came down to visit this week and both of us came up with terrific starts. We used the same prompt, but went with completely different stories. I liked Hillary’s idea better than mine. I hope she finds the time to finish a shit draft and revise.

2 thoughts on “Shameless Kev is Guest Prompter over at EDF

  1. Gay Degani

    That’s my term to get students to stop thinking of the first thing they write as the last thing they HAVE to write and to try and launch them onto the path of PROCESS. To free them from criticizing their own first efforts and come crying to me saying, “I can’t write. Nothing is good. I quit.”That’s how most new writers react. First draft not perfect: I can’t do this.


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