Eyes Not Averted

I signed up for The Southeast Review‘s writing regimen and today they sent a Robert Olen Butler quote, “Being an artist means never averting your eyes.” Hmmmm.

Here are all the things I should be doing: WORKING ON MY BOOK. WORKING ON MY BOOK. WORKING ON MY BOOK.

Here’s what I’ve been doing:
1) Checking in with my writing buddy. We’re keeping each other on track.
2) Checking to see who’s read “Stranger on the Porch” and commented.
3) Reading Michael’s “Crossing the Bridge” story. Proud of that boy. Gave him a 5.
4) Checking my email.
5) Blogging.

Guess what? See that quote up there. That’s a message from the universe. That’s it. I’m getting to work. You should too. What the hell are you doing reading this?

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