Much of South Louisiana Evacuating!

Map from where you can read their hurricane blog.

My cousin just informed me that Terrebonne and Lafourche parrishes are evacuating in anticipation of Hurricane Gustav. This has been ignored in the media–concern mostly about New Orleans–while there are 2 million people in surrounding areas who are already on the road to high ground.

Here’s an additional article on line about what’s happening in Southern Louisiana.

6 thoughts on “Much of South Louisiana Evacuating!

  1. M.Sherlock

    FLEE AMERICA FLEEE! muahahahahahaha You silly americans and your wind however, we get a gale in England and everyone is screaming”OH MY GOD HURRICANE….WE ARE DOOOOMED…DOOOOOOMED!” England still hasnt got used to the idea of BIG weather.

  2. Jane

    New Orleans wouldn’t need to evacuate – as you well know sister – if the barrier islands and all of Southern Louisiana were crumbling into the sea – being destroyed by salt water incursion and lack of concern by everyone except those living there and a few of us out here. Chances are that Southern Louisiana will AGAIN be ignored if Gustav manages to knock it off the map.

  3. Shameless

    Been watching the weather channel for two days now. It’s on right now.They seem to be doing a good job of getting people out.I wonder if this is simply how things will be from now on?


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