In case you’re addicted to good fiction

June’s Table of Contents at Every Day Fiction
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June 1 Brian Dolton The Gray World
June 2 Greg Likins Cavedweller 2.0
June 3 Tels Merrick Say It With Flowers
June 4
R. L. Copple The Captain’s Chair
June 5
Catherine J Gardner Burying Sam
June 6
Gay Degani Spring Melt
June 7
Margaret B. Davidson Homecoming
June 8 Harold N. Walters Stumped
June 9
Ann Wilkes The Heist
June 10
Sylvia Spruck Wrigley Listen
June 11 Nick Logan Desert Island Solitaire, or, A Good Cigar Is A Smoke
June 12
Lee Beavington Second Opinion
June 13
Bill Ward Junkyard Rats
June 14
Jennifer Tatroe When She Comes to It
June 15 Gianna De Persiis Vona Sacrifice
June 16
Madeline Mora-Summonte The Salute of the Old And Crotchety
June 17 Rosie de la Mare A Moment
June 18 Nicola Horn The End
June 19
Kevin Shamel Mail
June 20
Milton T. Burton The Watchers
June 21 Chaz Siu Prodigal Piano
June 22
Oonah V Joslin Missy’s Summer
June 23
Sarah Hilary Waste of Space
June 24 Andrew Males Mars Ascent
June 25
Mark Ward The Devil and the Details
June 26
Jason Stout Larry Legend
June 27
Frank Roger The End of Time
June 28 Kurt Rice A Legacy of War
June 29
Gustavo Bondoni Virtuoso
June 30 Harley Crowley There When You Need Them

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