No please! Not another blog about blogging!

Okay. After today I will never write another blog about not blogging. I promise. But I am really bad at this.

It’s not that I don’t think about blogging. I do. But then I stop myself. “Oh,” I say. “THAT’S a good idea. I should save that and write an article and try and get it REALLY PUBLISHED.” Of course, I never finish–sometimes never start–said article.

It’s not that I don’t like blogging. I love it. It’s fun because it doesn’t feel real when I first sit down to write. It’s a journal. A diary of everyday thoughts. I’m free to not please an editor, a reader, no one but myself. Then I reconsider. “Hmmmm, people (all one of my fan base) might actually read what I write. I’d better make it good because I don’t want to, you know, embarrass myself.” So I end up spending hours rewriting and editing and then realize I shouldn’t publish this masterpiece HERE. I should try and get it REALLY PUBLISHED.

It’s not that I don’t have time. I’m blessed with time that I sometimes waste. I could probably write a blog and an article and have hours left over for my book, my short stories, and a nap. Yet I am lazy, tremulous, distracted, worried, and completely disorganized.

JCO-how the hell do you do it?

Indeed, I know the answer. Focus, passion, and the willingness to risk being bad. Even Professor Oates isn’t perfect all the time (not that that keeps her out of the America’s Best series year after year). Tomorrow I’ll write about focus. (See how I’m tricking myself into blogging manana?)

1 thought on “No please! Not another blog about blogging!

  1. Anonymous

    You know you write the blog with the good idea and then after it is down in the blog you can pull it out and edit it and them get it published. It doesn’t matter if it started out in the blog. And then you don’t lose the idea… Jane


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