American IDOL Final FOUR

I love American Idol, but haven’t written about it in this space before. (Hmmm…maybe once a while back). Usually I unspool my jewels on the Iowa board, but since I’m committed to doing a better job on this blog, I’m stealing from myself.

Despite the scorning of disco music for 30 years, the BeeGee oeurve sounds current. After all, the Bee Gees were the first boy band. (Even I won’t call the BEATLES a “boy band”).

Barry Gibb. What was up with those teeth? Why can’t the English–who’ve conquered the world a couple of times–get basic skills of orthodontia and enamel RIGHT? BUT. I’m a BEE GEE fan from way back. Love him. B.G.’s gone through a lot and looks it, but wow, he’s the real deal. And a good mentor from what I could decipher. (Teeth).

Melinda-The consummate professional, and since I don’t really know how a “back-up singer” would approach a particular song, Simon was all wet about her first “joint.” (Randy-speak) She did what she said she wanted to do which was to make a solo out of a group song. And it sounded excellent proving this woman can do anything. The second song totally ROCKED. I be downloadin’ today.

Blake-While I thought his first number was good, it felt a little too trance-y to me. I know young kids might like it, but I missed the original beats. Seemed like the arrangement was missing a bass line? (I don’t have a clue what that means, but that’s what it FELT like. Blame the judges for teaching me lingo without clear definitions. Pitchy? Lower register? See what I mean?). Blake’s second “joint” was terrific. Worthy of a first single release from his album.

Lakisha-I won’t even bother. Anyone else hear that sucking sound?

Jordin-Wow and double WOW. I liked both her songs, but especially the first which was perfect-o. And I loved the second one too. Maybe she isn’t quite Babs, but who is? By the way, the Babs/Barry “Guilty” album is worth downloading. Anyway Jordin’s either got me mesmerized or the judges are looney-toons about the second song not working. Oh, wait. Two of them are!!!

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